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Archive for April, 2011

hey ginger (bread + apple cake)

Nancy brought (crafted/baked/conjured up/created) us an extravaganza of a cake for Easter Dinner. Read more

hey macaroon

There’s a fabulous chocolatier in Harvard Square Burdick Chocolates on Brattle Street. Read more

pat the bunny

Dorothy Kunhardt started it all with her book in the 40s. I don’t remember patting my bunny as an infant, I don’t think we did that in England as it just seems a bit too inappropriate. But I did eat the bunny. Read more


(pronounced /ræˈnʌŋkjʊləs/) in Late Latin – “little frog”. But beware, their beauty masks a poison. Read more


Rip and I were married seven years ago today. He proposed over a lobster roll so now we have a tradition of sharing a lobster roll near the water somewhere.
Read more

bonnie green

I believe that places stick in the dna passed along from generation to generation. My dna has room for more verdant vistas.


I want to open up a cheese shop, but I can’t decide on the right name. Rip wants to make cheese, but I think I just want to be a cheesemonger. Read more

auntie bessie

this May, I’m going to take my husband Rip to Scotland. After a week trekking around the highlands, with my wee mother in tow, Read more

keep the pearls

and now I want two dozen at least. Wellfleets, Westcotts, Pemaquids, Island Creeks, Cotuits….


that’s how I feel today. blurred. Spring got pushed back for a while, and fall weather revisited with epic rain clouds, and thunder claps. Read more

a house on a blue hill

Who doesn’t dream of a house on a blue hill, close to the blue sky? This little hamlet is found in Hingham, MA. Read more


there’s not much I love more than a cup of coffee / espresso. It’s what’s for dinner. It does a soul good. And that’s no April fooling around