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Archive for May, 2011

where are you

the only not so enjoyable feature about being away is Maggie is not here.  Read more


everyone needs a belief in something. Nature. Nurture. God. The sea. Read more

waiting in the Green egg

There’s not much to do on Eigg, even when stopping at the Green Egg shop, especially if you’re a man like Rip, shopping doesn’t do it for you.

hopeful on Muck

after a rough and tumble boat trip to the small isles of Muck and Eigg, we came ashore. It was before the rain lashed at us for three hours straight.

Eilean Donan Castle

My Father used to boast that Scotland had never been conquered or invaded. Read more


According to Wiki – A bothy is a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. Read more

where’s the post office?

The scots are an economical bunch. They seem to like to group everything in one. A post office > bank > grocery store > tourist attraction > coffee shop.  Read more

wind swept

layers of texture and colour. Inspiration for poetry, song, tartan. It speaks for itself

high road

even in the gloom of fog and blanket of liquid weather, Glen Coe is magical Read more

green lochs

Arriving in Callander where we stayed for two nights, we chose to steer clear of the requisite trip up the two-hour drive around the Trossachs to various monuments Read more

findhorn + family

introducing the Millers, Robin and Isobel whom we visited on our second day in Scotland (back tracking a bit here). Read more

scotland with sun

what a difference. Still raining one minute and sunny the next. But the lochs and the glens and the bens were alive with splendor. It’s why we came and on our last full day in Scotland I am grateful.

mohr tea

carrying on with the MOHR theme, we traveled down a single track road 30 minutes to have a cup of tea at MOHR tea at The Old Library Tearoom in Balquhidder. Read more

wild garlic

the petals of this blossom taste like garlic. Read more

mohr food

how lucky we are to have accidentally stumbled upon a culinary oasis Read more

war dreams

I never played with toy soldiers as a wee lass. But I wanted to. Read more

sun / cloud

These two photographs were taken within five minutes of each other.


Read more

and on the 6th day, let there be soap

amazing how a little thing like dirt can come between us and a good mood. So we set out to find a laundrette (translation – laundromat) in Callander. We located one near the bus station underneath the loos. Read more

bonnie blue bells

Just when the day couldn’t get grayer and the road longer, we came across this small castle, stayed for tea and cream scones and came across a magical secret garden full of bells of blue. Read more

sunnyside + arisaig

Here are some random images from our wee home in Arisaig where we stayed for three nights where the sky stays light until 10:30 pm and wakes up again at 4 am. Read more