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Archive for October, 2011

cherry stones at the oysterfest

When did mid-october turn into an extension of summer. Today we trekked down to Wellfleet, Read more

throwing rocks – do not

what I love about this scene is that the sign writer is pretty adamant about asking us not to throw rocks. Read more

silver threads

rushes, gilded feathers, gossamer peacocks. Fanciful silver strands of christmas icicles, stuck in the ground they are nature’s ornaments.   Read more

artisan cheese company

so it’s all about cheese right now. The planning, the eating, the tasting, the comparing, the scariness of it all. The excitement of it all pregnant with possibilities. Read more

lobster + ice cream

one of the beauties of being in New England is the abundance of lobsters. Rip and I eat our lobsters differently. Read more

ouch hot

following along on the theme that I over planted in the vegetable garden, I find that I have a green red thumb for growing peppers. Read more

fruit jellybeans that are tomatoes

a trick was played on me this garden season. I planted eight tomato plants (down from 36 last year). Anxiously I waited their arrival. How big would they be? Read more

birthday surf

I was able to get down to Cape Cod around my birthday time. Alone, for a day, with no one else except for my thoughts, and an orange moleskin notebook. Read more

inky, oily, shiny water

i don’t need to look far for inspiration for a color palette. Take this simple water image (thank you Hipstamatic) snapped from my iPhone on my way to work. Read more

play with your food

remember that book “play with your food”? or something like that, where the author / photographer created faces and people made from garden vegetables and fruit? Read more