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Gwyneth sent me

a year or so ago, I signed up for Gwyneth Paltro’s blog/newsletter Read more


If this were Boston/Cambridge this bike would not be here, it would be stolen. Read more

oxford cheese company

is worth a visit. It’s in the covered market. We arrived to Oxford a little early (we were meeting Siobhan and family for dinner) so that we could pay it a visit. Read more

blue monday

Julia Harbutt is the grandlady of cheese in the UK, it should be worldwide. Maybe it is. I’d heard of her before we took this cheese journey, but I had forgotten that she is a cheese producer as well as monger. Her Blue Monday is divine. Read more

cheese fonts

my favourite cheese shop (Formaggio in Cambridge MA) hand writes their labels. You can find a post earlier in this blog. I know they painstakingly hand write them because I asked. Read more

it’s not all pretty

when I think of Stoke on Trent I think of mining and Potteries. (royal Doulton, Spode, Wedgwood, Minton et al.). Read more

bricked in

as  a student of design, I’m loving the shapes of the urban landscape. Read more

lovely nieces

when I was living in Santa Fe back in the early 90s, Siobhan came to visit me. She was 3 months old. Read more


that I have forgotten from graduate school the symbolic meaning of pitchfork wielding priest (bishop?) waging war against a gathering of asps, Read more

tell it like it is

these onions are for strong English cheese. Got it? Get some.   Read more

proper roast potatoes

Those of you who know me well, know how much I love a good potato. If I had to have a last meal, it would include some form of potato. And now I know that if I want really good roasted potatoes, I better use goose fat.  Read more

crewe station

Crewe was a hub back in the day. It was built back in 1837, one of the oldest in England. All trains used to stop in Crewe as it was a major junction for routes north and south and west.  Read more

jam not jelly

jelly in England is like American Jello. But Jam is just gorgeous. And there are so many, not just for toast. I’m mad for labels and English country foods. They’re called Artisan if you want to give them a fancy name and sell them in a fancy shop. Read more

rush hour

This is rush hour at Manchester Piccadilly station. No really, this is rush hour. The light was stunning, and the absence of travelers haunting. And yet the train filled up quickly, and orderly.  Read more

cotswold cottage flora

I love England. I love the color of the stone against the flowers that seem to grow more abundant than anywhere else. Such proud gardens. They seem hardly tended by nimble green thumbs. Read more

garden nutrition or gross?

I have nothing to say about this find in a hardware shop in the Cotswolds. We had just made a huge cache of cheese finds, but we had no knife, so we found a bric a brac kind of shop in Winchcombe that sold everything from napkins, spades, and garden growth goodies.  Read more

public art indeed

and then on the way up a hill, Bourton-on-hill, lay a field of sculpture by the artist Andrew Darke, whose kinetic wind pieces (hailing from the Art and Place group started in the 90s). Read more

grow me a garden in a wall

the walls have been here longer than you or me, and certainly the thorns of the roses which clamber up and within. The walls are strong, timeless, purposeful and plenty. Read more

low road

going back to Scotland in my thoughts, now that I am fully locked in to 12 hour + days in full conference mode, I can but dream of the moody ochres and verdance of the gloomy lochs around the Trossachs. Read more

all trains do not stop at crewe hall

I’m here for two weeks, and already halfway into the first week. This is my third time at Crewe Hall for a conference, which finds me tending to 12 and 14 hour days. Read more