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monet should have been here

again, gray flat light days, bring forth such splendid color. In the Cotswolds where we spent three glorious days, we found field upon field of dotted red happiness.  Read more


we did a little antiquing in a town called Moreton-in-Marsh. We found ourselves a salt trough made out of sycamore. It will get to us on a slow boat as it’s quite heavy.  Read more

naming convention

all across England and Scotland, we found homes adorned with names. They weren’t mansions, (but those had names too) or estates (ditto) but simply modest houses, hamlets, cottages, crofts. With proud names.  Read more

we sell things here

like eggs, and leave an honor box for the money. Read more

everything but the kitchen sink

we got to Auntie Bessie’s on the Monday and enjoyed a cup of tea with her before heading off to Redmile to go to the Peacock Inn for a proper Inn lunch.  Read more

a cheese sandwich in Byrness

keeping off the motorways, we stuck to the A68 all the way down to England from Scotland. If we hadn’t we would have missed the town of Byrness and a B and B of the same name. Read more

not made in china

there’s not a lot that isn’t made in China, and it gets me peeved. We scoured Scotland looking for a prize of a cashmere sweater for Rip only to find that there was knitwear indeed, but made in Scotland it was not. Read more

and then we got to england

after a break down (that wasn’t a real break down, as nothing ended up being wrong with the car as it turned out) we made it to Fulbeck, just outside where Auntie Bessie lives. Read more


the trip to Eigg (Island off the coast of Arisaig) was wet and dismal, (but still full of poetry) especially when where else could I possibly have come across what can only be called the true meaning of an “out house”.  It has a roof, a window, a small chimney vent. I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a garden.

group shot

our travels around Scotland and England found us away from any city and only traveling on smaller roads. Read more


we are convinced that sheep are smarter than they’d have us believe. Read more

a swing with a view

this swing, was worth a memory. It was found on the grounds of the Monachyle Mhor hotel on the banks of Loch Voil. Read more

eccles cake – breakfast of champions

Tired of traditional English and Scottish breakfasts, (eggs, beans, sausage, bacon, brown bread, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes galore) Read more

where are you

the only not so enjoyable feature about being away is Maggie is not here.  Read more


everyone needs a belief in something. Nature. Nurture. God. The sea. Read more

waiting in the Green egg

There’s not much to do on Eigg, even when stopping at the Green Egg shop, especially if you’re a man like Rip, shopping doesn’t do it for you.

hopeful on Muck

after a rough and tumble boat trip to the small isles of Muck and Eigg, we came ashore. It was before the rain lashed at us for three hours straight.

Eilean Donan Castle

My Father used to boast that Scotland had never been conquered or invaded. Read more


According to Wiki – A bothy is a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. Read more

where’s the post office?

The scots are an economical bunch. They seem to like to group everything in one. A post office > bank > grocery store > tourist attraction > coffee shop.  Read more