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who are you?

What is this worm and what is it doing in my garden? Is it a good worm? It looks like a grub. Read more

this is hingham

in the springtime something magical happens in New England. But not the full blown postcard version of spring, the just before spring when everything wakes up. Read more

hey ginger (bread + apple cake)

Nancy brought (crafted/baked/conjured up/created) us an extravaganza of a cake for Easter Dinner. Read more

hey macaroon

There’s a fabulous chocolatier in Harvard Square Burdick Chocolates on Brattle Street. Read more

pat the bunny

Dorothy Kunhardt started it all with her book in the 40s. I don’t remember patting my bunny as an infant, I don’t think we did that in England as it just seems a bit too inappropriate. But I did eat the bunny. Read more


(pronounced /ræˈnʌŋkjʊləs/) in Late Latin – “little frog”. But beware, their beauty masks a poison. Read more


Rip and I were married seven years ago today. He proposed over a lobster roll so now we have a tradition of sharing a lobster roll near the water somewhere.
Read more

bonnie green

I believe that places stick in the dna passed along from generation to generation. My dna has room for more verdant vistas.


I want to open up a cheese shop, but I can’t decide on the right name. Rip wants to make cheese, but I think I just want to be a cheesemonger. Read more

auntie bessie

this May, I’m going to take my husband Rip to Scotland. After a week trekking around the highlands, with my wee mother in tow, Read more

keep the pearls

and now I want two dozen at least. Wellfleets, Westcotts, Pemaquids, Island Creeks, Cotuits….


that’s how I feel today. blurred. Spring got pushed back for a while, and fall weather revisited with epic rain clouds, and thunder claps. Read more

a house on a blue hill

Who doesn’t dream of a house on a blue hill, close to the blue sky? This little hamlet is found in Hingham, MA. Read more


there’s not much I love more than a cup of coffee / espresso. It’s what’s for dinner. It does a soul good. And that’s no April fooling around

goldfish swam on the subway

Today I watched an exchange between two subway riders. One was a man, who brought attention to himself for crying out “winning” “winning”. Read more

chew lips

there’s nothing much like tulips to say spring is here. Read more

lobster buoys on yellow

We live on the south shore of Boston. Buoys are atypical quintessential artifacts found all over New England. Maybe they’re found in other places, but I don’t think I recall having seen them. There’s a place up in Maine, called Friendship, where traps are made. Read more

jackie’s scones

Jackie first made scones for Rip and I some years ago while we were still living in Sarasota. There was nothing like the Sunday morning brunch pleasure of looking forward to Jackie’s scones (with whipped cream, butter and jam on top). Read more

salt marshes of duxbury

Rip and I volunteer for Hospice. Every saturday we spend a couple of hours in a nursing home in Plymouth. It’s not the nicest of places, but then I can’t imagine a nursing home of any kind would be much fun. We get to leave however. Last night one of our patients passed away. Read more

crisps / chips

there’s nothing like a chip in the middle of the day. Any day. It’s a guilty pleasure. I’m more a savory gal than a sweet tooth cookie gal.