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this is boston

I took the long way home the other afternoon, via Roxbury and Dorchester. It’s a far cry from the prettied shiny post card perfect Boston.  Read more

maggie may

or Maggie may not. Maggie doesn’t know a lot about a lot. But her world is full and we love her. For that, she loves us back. Like us, she sometimes doesn’t always want to get out of bed. She doesn’t always want to go outside when it’s raining. But she always loves to talk about food, and eating is a pure pleasure. We’re a good match.

hingham then, not now

when I think of Hingham in my mind, I think of crisp fall days off in Bare Cove Park with Maggie, late in the day with long five o’clock warm shadows and soft light. Read more


Empty-handed I entered
the world
Barefoot I leave it.
My coming, my going –
Two simple happenings
That got entangled.
Kozan Ichikyo, 1360

making reservations

I’ve spent the last two weeks pouring over various trip advisor reviews of hotels and being amazed at the power of social media and user reviews. While I know that a lot of these reviews are scorned guests or perhaps the local competition, I’ve been glad to learn about musty carpets, or noise pollution coming from downstairs bars in pubs masquerading as Inns. Read more

where we’re going to

this is our route thus far. We’re off to Scotland and England in May for a UK road trip where we will visit with my Mother, and then sister and nieces in the south. Our journey starts in Aberdeen, for a rest up after the flight, and then we’ll take off along the eastern Cairngorms, and on to Arisaig as our base. Read more

Here we are

And away we go. Using an upcoming adventure road trip to Scotland and England, I’ve launched this blog. It’s a winter’s project long overdue. It’ll mostly be random silly musings and thoughtlets, with a bit of creative this and that thrown in by looking around me.

First stop, trip planning and such… more on that soon