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cheese fonts


my favourite cheese shop (Formaggio in Cambridge MA) hand writes their labels. You can find a post earlier in this blog. I know they painstakingly hand write them because I asked.

As we’ve traveled around visiting Cheese Shops, I notice that some cheesemongers have taken the liberty of adopting a font. Let’s call it the Cheese font. Maybe it lulls the buyer into some false sense of being in the midst of an artisan shop. Everything good and true and honest.

But it’s not. It’s a font. And not a good one at that. Notice the repetitive “S” the sameness of the “n”

When I visit Neals Yard Diary and Fromagerie later on this week in London, I’ll give a label report.

The Cheese Shop in Cheshire, although touted as a must see ( I would say “must not” ) wasn’t worth the trip. But at least they handwrite their labels. This happened to be a lovely cheddar.


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