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Posts from the ‘cheese’ Category

artisan cheese company

so it’s all about cheese right now. The planning, the eating, the tasting, the comparing, the scariness of it all. The excitement of it all pregnant with possibilities. Read more

a cheese plate

i’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately, as one might have noticed, and I’ve been talking cheese a lot too. I spend much of my time learning the difference between a washed rind and a bloomy rind, and documenting it all. Read more

hues and tones

I’m considering a palette. Something that would inspire culinary curiosity. Read more

catching a fancy

we’re working on a new venture, a project. It’s in the future, and thinking about it, even in my sleep, is exciting. I’ve taken thousands of photographs over the years and have archive upon catalog of images. Read more

stichelton – you say that three times fast!

I trekked to Formaggio Kitchen in the South End today. I knew that they carried some Neal’s Yard cheeses, and I had a hankering for a bit of blue. Read more

Gwyneth sent me

a year or so ago, I signed up for Gwyneth Paltro’s blog/newsletter Read more

oxford cheese company

is worth a visit. It’s in the covered market. We arrived to Oxford a little early (we were meeting Siobhan and family for dinner) so that we could pay it a visit. Read more

blue monday

Julia Harbutt is the grandlady of cheese in the UK, it should be worldwide. Maybe it is. I’d heard of her before we took this cheese journey, but I had forgotten that she is a cheese producer as well as monger. Her Blue Monday is divine. Read more

cheese fonts

my favourite cheese shop (Formaggio in Cambridge MA) hand writes their labels. You can find a post earlier in this blog. I know they painstakingly hand write them because I asked. Read more

tell it like it is

these onions are for strong English cheese. Got it? Get some.   Read more

cheese 101

Rip and I went to Formaggio’s on Saturday night for cheese 101.

Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 354-4750

Read more


I want to open up a cheese shop, but I can’t decide on the right name. Rip wants to make cheese, but I think I just want to be a cheesemonger. Read more