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Posts from the ‘food’ Category

cherry stones at the oysterfest

When did mid-october turn into an extension of summer. Today we trekked down to Wellfleet, Read more

silver threads

rushes, gilded feathers, gossamer peacocks. Fanciful silver strands of christmas icicles, stuck in the ground they are nature’s ornaments.   Read more

lobster + ice cream

one of the beauties of being in New England is the abundance of lobsters. Rip and I eat our lobsters differently. Read more

fruit jellybeans that are tomatoes

a trick was played on me this garden season. I planted eight tomato plants (down from 36 last year). Anxiously I waited their arrival. How big would they be? Read more

play with your food

remember that book “play with your food”? or something like that, where the author / photographer created faces and people made from garden vegetables and fruit? Read more

a cheese plate

i’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately, as one might have noticed, and I’ve been talking cheese a lot too. I spend much of my time learning the difference between a washed rind and a bloomy rind, and documenting it all. Read more

hues and tones

I’m considering a palette. Something that would inspire culinary curiosity. Read more

you say tomato, i say i can’t wait…

come on already. The summer this time around is splendid. It’s perfect weather for growing. Read more

tell it like it is

these onions are for strong English cheese. Got it? Get some.   Read more

proper roast potatoes

Those of you who know me well, know how much I love a good potato. If I had to have a last meal, it would include some form of potato. And now I know that if I want really good roasted potatoes, I better use goose fat.  Read more

jam not jelly

jelly in England is like American Jello. But Jam is just gorgeous. And there are so many, not just for toast. I’m mad for labels and English country foods. They’re called Artisan if you want to give them a fancy name and sell them in a fancy shop. Read more

we sell things here

like eggs, and leave an honor box for the money. Read more

eccles cake – breakfast of champions

Tired of traditional English and Scottish breakfasts, (eggs, beans, sausage, bacon, brown bread, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes galore) Read more

mohr tea

carrying on with the MOHR theme, we traveled down a single track road 30 minutes to have a cup of tea at MOHR tea at The Old Library Tearoom in Balquhidder. Read more

wild garlic

the petals of this blossom taste like garlic. Read more

mohr food

how lucky we are to have accidentally stumbled upon a culinary oasis Read more

hey ginger (bread + apple cake)

Nancy brought (crafted/baked/conjured up/created) us an extravaganza of a cake for Easter Dinner. Read more

hey macaroon

There’s a fabulous chocolatier in Harvard Square Burdick Chocolates on Brattle Street. Read more

pat the bunny

Dorothy Kunhardt started it all with her book in the 40s. I don’t remember patting my bunny as an infant, I don’t think we did that in England as it just seems a bit too inappropriate. But I did eat the bunny. Read more

keep the pearls

and now I want two dozen at least. Wellfleets, Westcotts, Pemaquids, Island Creeks, Cotuits….