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Posts from the ‘garden’ Category

ouch hot

following along on the theme that I over planted in the vegetable garden, I find that I have a green red thumb for growing peppers. Read more

fruit jellybeans that are tomatoes

a trick was played on me this garden season. I planted eight tomato plants (down from 36 last year). Anxiously I waited their arrival. How big would they be? Read more

play with your food

remember that book “play with your food”? or something like that, where the author / photographer created faces and people made from garden vegetables and fruit? Read more

you say tomato, i say i can’t wait…

come on already. The summer this time around is splendid. It’s perfect weather for growing. Read more

cotswold cottage flora

I love England. I love the color of the stone against the flowers that seem to grow more abundant than anywhere else. Such proud gardens. They seem hardly tended by nimble green thumbs. Read more

garden nutrition or gross?

I have nothing to say about this find in a hardware shop in the Cotswolds. We had just made a huge cache of cheese finds, but we had no knife, so we found a bric a brac kind of shop in Winchcombe that sold everything from napkins, spades, and garden growth goodies.  Read more

who are you?

What is this worm and what is it doing in my garden? Is it a good worm? It looks like a grub. Read more