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Posts from the ‘rant’ Category

inky, oily, shiny water

i don’t need to look far for inspiration for a color palette. Take this simple water image (thank you Hipstamatic) snapped from my iPhone on my way to work. Read more

cheese fonts

my favourite cheese shop (Formaggio in Cambridge MA) hand writes their labels. You can find a post earlier in this blog. I know they painstakingly hand write them because I asked. Read more

crewe station

Crewe was a hub back in the day. It was built back in 1837, one of the oldest in England. All trains used to stop in Crewe as it was a major junction for routes north and south and west.  Read more

garden nutrition or gross?

I have nothing to say about this find in a hardware shop in the Cotswolds. We had just made a huge cache of cheese finds, but we had no knife, so we found a bric a brac kind of shop in Winchcombe that sold everything from napkins, spades, and garden growth goodies.  Read more

where are you

the only not so enjoyable feature about being away is Maggie is not here.  Read more


My father used to say that he had his own personal black cloud that followed him around. I’ve spent much of my life running from clouds so as not to follow in his pessimistic footsteps. Read more

goldfish swam on the subway

Today I watched an exchange between two subway riders. One was a man, who brought attention to himself for crying out “winning” “winning”. Read more