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Posts from the ‘rave’ Category

birthday surf

I was able to get down to Cape Cod around my birthday time. Alone, for a day, with no one else except for my thoughts, and an orange moleskin notebook. Read more

inky, oily, shiny water

i don’t need to look far for inspiration for a color palette. Take this simple water image (thank you Hipstamatic) snapped from my iPhone on my way to work. Read more

lovely nieces

when I was living in Santa Fe back in the early 90s, Siobhan came to visit me. She was 3 months old. Read more

crewe station

Crewe was a hub back in the day. It was built back in 1837, one of the oldest in England. All trains used to stop in Crewe as it was a major junction for routes north and south and west.  Read more


(pronounced /ræˈnʌŋkjʊləs/) in Late Latin – “little frog”. But beware, their beauty masks a poison. Read more


Rip and I were married seven years ago today. He proposed over a lobster roll so now we have a tradition of sharing a lobster roll near the water somewhere.
Read more

a house on a blue hill

Who doesn’t dream of a house on a blue hill, close to the blue sky? This little hamlet is found in Hingham, MA. Read more

chew lips

there’s nothing much like tulips to say spring is here. Read more