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silver threads


rushes, gilded feathers, gossamer peacocks. Fanciful silver strands of christmas icicles, stuck in the ground they are nature’s ornaments.  

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Plant Family


Plant Botanical Name

Miscanthus sinensis ’Silver Feather’ (‘(‘silberfeder’)’)


Plant Common Name

Eulalia, Japanese Silvergrass, Silberfeder Japanese Silvergrass

The tall, variegated Japanese silvergrass, ‘Silver Feather, is a bold, clump-forming grass that originates from eastern Asia and has a graceful arching habit. Its long slender blades are green with razor thin white midribs and turn a beautiful wheat color in autumn. In the late summer to fall, plants produce tall, upright stems topped with feathery, silvery pink plumes that soften and curl as they dry. These are held well above the foliage and remain attractive throughout winter.

Japanese silvergrass prefers full sun and tolerates a wide range of moderately drained soils. Plants form substantial clumps that should be cut to the ground in the spring and divided every three years. Enjoy ‘Silver Feather’ as a screen plant, in large borders as an accent plant.

Miscanthus sinensis has a tendency to self-sow and can be invasive. To learn more visit:


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