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Posts from the ‘this and that’ Category

It’s been a while

Here we are a year later. Last year I had just dashed into Boston for a quick hair do at Vidal Sasson, followed by a trip to my favorite lunch place Myers and Chang. And here I am… All about cheese now. Read more

blue boston

boston is small and livable, full of colonial white wash. But still a city. Read more

it’s not a thistle, but what is it?

i came across this in Vermont, in a field with tall grasses. But I have no idea what it is, or what it does when it explodes because surely it has to explode what ever secrets it holds inside.  Read more

war dreams

I never played with toy soldiers as a wee lass. But I wanted to. Read more

this is hingham

in the springtime something magical happens in New England. But not the full blown postcard version of spring, the just before spring when everything wakes up. Read more

bonnie green

I believe that places stick in the dna passed along from generation to generation. My dna has room for more verdant vistas.


that’s how I feel today. blurred. Spring got pushed back for a while, and fall weather revisited with epic rain clouds, and thunder claps. Read more

lobster buoys on yellow

We live on the south shore of Boston. Buoys are atypical quintessential artifacts found all over New England. Maybe they’re found in other places, but I don’t think I recall having seen them. There’s a place up in Maine, called Friendship, where traps are made. Read more

salt marshes of duxbury

Rip and I volunteer for Hospice. Every saturday we spend a couple of hours in a nursing home in Plymouth. It’s not the nicest of places, but then I can’t imagine a nursing home of any kind would be much fun. We get to leave however. Last night one of our patients passed away. Read more

maggie may

or Maggie may not. Maggie doesn’t know a lot about a lot. But her world is full and we love her. For that, she loves us back. Like us, she sometimes doesn’t always want to get out of bed. She doesn’t always want to go outside when it’s raining. But she always loves to talk about food, and eating is a pure pleasure. We’re a good match.


Empty-handed I entered
the world
Barefoot I leave it.
My coming, my going –
Two simple happenings
That got entangled.
Kozan Ichikyo, 1360

Here we are

And away we go. Using an upcoming adventure road trip to Scotland and England, I’ve launched this blog. It’s a winter’s project long overdue. It’ll mostly be random silly musings and thoughtlets, with a bit of creative this and that thrown in by looking around me.

First stop, trip planning and such… more on that soon