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who i am?

I’m of a certain age, and seem to write in small sentences. However my favourite book is Wind in the Willows, which I love for its elaborate, but beautifully, long sentences on the very first page. They take your hand and beckon you into the story. What child would not go along for that fantastic tale? Mine are short, usually. So that’s a bit odd.

I’ve been called worldly, but prefer to stay home. I love a man. he teaches me to be gentle. I love my dog. She teaches me how to be better at everything. If I had maggie on the subway with me, I’m sure I wouldn’t complain so much.

I work at a famous university. But I want to open a cheese shop. This blog is whimsy, and a bit of purposeful thought, is all.

Spoken words are not my friends.

I shoot with a Canon G10 for fun fast and on the go photo shots. With my iphone 4. And a Nikon dslr with lots of Nikon glass. I’m waiting impatiently for the next Nikon D700 full frame with video. The photos on my blog are not to be considered in any way high photo art. It’s just me having a great deal of a good time.

I’m happiest when I’m behind a camera. I love to find light. I wish I spent more time looking.

John Berger is my hero.

“Art does not imitate nature, it imitates a creation, sometimes to propose an alternative world, sometimes simply to amplify, to confirm, to make social the brief hope offered by nature. Art is an organized response to what nature allows us to glimpse occasionally.”

—John Berger, The White Bird (read more of it here )